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Eventually, this'll seem way back in the day...

"We So Love Living Souled Out"
This is a parody of "I So Hate Consequences" written for one of the Talent Dinners recalling funny events from the previous year or so.

NOLA Mission Trip 2011

Previously Unpublished

Talent Dinner 2011

Canoe Trip 2010

WaveRunner Cookout '10
Challenge 2010

Misc Summer 2010 Pics

Mind the Gap Camp Out

Super Bowl Party '10

WaveRunner Picnic '09

Sjoquist Summer Nights
District Retreat '09

Spring Break Canoe Trip '09
Living Love Summer
Ye Ol' Summer Lock-In

Super Bowl Party '09

Game Day '09

Canoe Trip '08

Rock the Universe '08
Challenge '08

Goodbye Ben!

Camp Out '08

Super Bowl Party '08

NYE Lock-In '07

Christmas Party '07

Summer of the Hunt '07

Middle School Retreat '07

High School Retreat '07